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Coffee of Perth 2014: The Fringes ft. Addison & Steele

Last year, Whit of dinewhitme.com put together a month long project in which she sampled 30 coffees in 30 days, featuring each stop on instagram and her blog alike - Coffee of Perth was a hit with coffee lovers and social media-holics everywhere, but this year, Coffee of Perth has evolved into something a little different. The initial idea, without even a mention of coffee, was simply that we wanted to compare my film photography against Whit's digital, but given our love of espresso bars, cafes, hole in the wall establishments and the beautiful beverages they serve, it quickly morphed into something else. With a desire to share the stories and emotions behind our favourite cafes, as well as to compare our chosen mediums, Whit invited me to take part in Coffee of Perth 2014 and I'm oh so glad she did.

So, without further rambling by yours truly, welcome to our first stop

Coffee of Perth 2014: The Fringes ft. Addison & Steele

Photos taken on my Pentax K1000 using a mix of Portra 400NC and Superia 200.

As a regular at Standing Room Only in the late months of 2013, I overheard frequent whispers of a new space, a new space that would bring specialty coffee to the masses. Addison & Steele would have tables & chairs (which is a little bit different when you've been frequenting SRO), and a decked out brew bar. There'd be menus & food & a lovely espresso machine, all with a beautiful fitout. It sounded rather grand. 

But then I found myself a few months into 2014 - opening day had been and gone, friends had raved, coffestagrams had taunted me with top hat light fittings and latte art, but it was an experience that I was yet to have. 

As a coffee shop in what Whit & I have termed the Fringes, located on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth, Addison & Steele is not the easiest for a public transport-dependant, southern suburbs kid to get to. The moment I stepped foot in the door though, I began to wish that I'd picked up my feet and hopped on that bus sooner. 

Addison & Steele is beautiful. It's light and airy, and I think I could sit in there for days, sipping away at the beautiful filter offerings and writing my heart out. More than that though, it would be a place I'd go if I wanted to learn more about coffee.

For me, the real beauty of specialty brew bars lies in the implied education that comes with your cup of coffee - if you order a V60 or syphon, and pay attention, you'll find yourself picking up on the differences in the size of the coffee grind, the subtle flavours and the influence of temperature on its taste - and from my experiences with Michael & the rest of the Addison & Steele crew, they'll happily chat to you about all of this while expertly brewing your drink.

Now, dear friends, if you haven't already, go and check out Whit's Addison & Steele Coffee Journal, and let us know what you think about my film versus her digital!

Verdict: 9/10
Price: $
Contact: 08 9227 7110 
Address: Suite 1/448 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth 
Addison & Steele Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Wednesday: 6.30am-4pm
Thursday-Friday 6.30am-7pm
Saturday 8am-7pm; Sunday 8am-4pm

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KickstART: The Hive.

You know how sometimes you see a picture of a space in a magazine or on instagram or whilst endlessly browsing pinterest, and you wish that there was something as cool in your city? Well, now's your time Perth! Seriously, get your butts down to the Hive in Northbridge and be crafty or eat tingle fruits (like the cheap version of fruit tingles, sort of) or just hang out & admire the art work and general splendour of the space.

The Hive is the centre of all the KickstART and National Youth Week action in Perth and it's totally freaking rad. As a small part of the committee, the chance to watch the Hive come to life over the past couple of months has been such a pleasure, and every event I've attended so far (forums, markets and workshops) has left me inspired and ready to leap into action. 

Massive props to Sam & the rest of the team at Propel for making the Festival absolutely grand so far. There are still two more weeks of the KickstART magic to go, so register for an event or just come along and check out the space!

The Hive is located at 192 William Street as part of the State Theatre Precinct. Just keep an eye out for the brilliantly decorated windows :D

Hope to see you there!
Rhi :) xx

PS. I hired a 'postbox' as part of the Posted Project. If you do drop by, leave me a note? I'll love you forever! My box is number 8 and it has a polaroid picture of my face on it. Also, if you leave a return address, I promise to send you a reply.

Glimpses of Afar.

This internet business is really quite incredible. Over the space of a few hours one can catch glimpses of so many different experiences - glimpses of a couple living in a tiny New York apartment, of a father whose life is all about living off the land in rural Victoria, a writer philosophising about arrival & creativity, the sleeping habits of expectant Russian couples, and so very much more. 

Sometimes the internet and smart phones and forever being connected is exhausting, but last night I found it to be so very peaceful and, surprisingly, quite humbling. 

There is some quiet comfort in knowing we are not alone; in taking a few hours every now and then to take (even passive) part in the ongoing journeys of others who, just like us all, are making it up as they go along.