Rhianna Nelson

The Wildest Of Dreams

Taking Time

Taken on a Pentax K1000 using Fujifilm Superia.  

As a freelancer, one of the hardest things to do is take time out. There are always emails to reply to, people to contact, photos to edit and articles to write. There's follow ups and invoices and building websites. It's exciting and an absolute privilege to be able to call this my life, but at the same time it can be utterly exhausting. Every now and then, when I find myself feeling run down, I have to remind myself to breathe. 

On these days, I like to roam the streets of Fremantle and take some time to myself with my old film camera. Those photos are for me - just a little bit of fun without any kind of pressure. Or I just stay in for the day - wake up lazily, go for a walk around the park, a coffee with Mum, watch a film or read a book. 

There is always the temptation though to just duck into my "office" (a study room I share with my brother, the ironing board and oftentimes, the ever-lazy Brownie the Dog) to reply to some emails, work on my projects and check a few more things off the to do list.

So, in an attempt to help myself take the time I need, I cleared up some space in my room to create a relaxing little hideaway. My window sill became home to a few books that I'm slowly working my way through, a coaster or two for cups of tea and I keep fresh flowers there too, just because.

Creating a balance between work and life is hard when the two all become enmeshed in one space, but so far, my little hideaway seems to be doing the trick :)


It's been a while (once again) - I'm still finding my feet, but in the process I've found myself a little obsessed with textures. I know that seems totally random, and even sitting here writing this, it definitely sounds a little abstract. Textures though seem to be so important, especially in the world of business and branding as one plans & plots.

I've spent a good few weeks sketching away on every scrap of paper I can find - alongside my wonderful collective, I wanted to decide how our latest venture would portray itself, and as I sketched and pinned, I began to realise that the most minute of details can be vital. The feel of paper, the choice of text, how one would imagine a piece of digital communication to feel in real life.

As a tactile person, I can't imagine not taking this into consideration (even if it might sound ridiculous!), and with that in mind, and the theme of Wildest in the back of my head, I went adventuring with my sweet old K1000, in search of the textures I pass each and every day, and hopefully, some inspiration. 

An Honest Update and a New Direction.

Hello lovers! I know it's been rather a while, and while I took a moment to breathe last night, I decided to quit my guilt and write an honest update.

While I had Coffee of Perth acting as a weekly filler, I made the decision to take a breather from blogging to figure a few things out - and this is where I'm at.

The last 5 years of my life have been one crazy ride, and lately, I've found myself looking back and not recognising the person that I was then and the person who I have become. I don't know if it's all the surgeries and the many drugs they necessitate that have left me in a haze, or if it's that these 5 years have seen me flailing to figure out who I am, and what it is I want to do with my life; if I'm being quite honest, I started at uni not because I actually wanted to but because I felt as if I had to.

I've changed degrees once, my majors three times, I've deferred twice and now I'm dealing with an internal battle about whether or not I should even bother going back. I flitted between wanting to do law, teaching, working abroad, writing, journalism, photography and oh so many more (the list is really endless!), but as I've watched the creative scene explode across Perth since coming home from Italy a year ago, I've realised that being a "full-time" creative is my dream. I might eventually teach on the side and I'll probably take corporate freelance gigs so that I can pay the bills, but right now, I can't think of anything better than taking photos, putting pen to paper and turning exciting ideas into realities.

For the past few months, since I left the law firm, I've been thinking of ideas, reading a lot, writing down my thoughts, and picking up freelance gigs as much as possible, so I'm really trying to make it happen! (And more excitingly, this has all culminated in a grand new project, but that's another story!!).

What this means for the blog though is that things might change around here. After my little blogging break, I feel ready to get back into it. I like this space and I absolutely adore the many talented & beautiful people I've met through it. I know one hears this a lot from bloggers, but the blogging community is really an incredible thing to be a part of, and I'm not ready to give that up!

I might just start writing about different things though - ethical fashion has become one of my favourite topics of late, I've grown more and more interested in design & style, travel & the scenes evolving around Perth, the work of other photographers & creatives, and these are things I want to start sharing - properly!

So from now on there might be posts featuring random items of clothing and something about me loving them, or there might be mini-essays about things that excite me and that I hope you'll love too, or collages of beautiful things, and this all might be a bit more sporadic. Of course there will be the occassional, classic Wildest of Dreams-style ramble, but all in all, I'll just be trying to let this evolve more freely.

For the past few weeks I've really enjoyed not feeling the need to bother checking my stats or google analytics every couple of nights, and that's a freedom I want to keep! Wildest seems to be at its best when it's something I'm excited to work at, instead of just another point on my to do list, and I've decided to try my best to keep it that way - not only for my sanity, but also because I'm positive that you all have better things to do than to read my forced ramblings!!

So, let's see how this little experiment goes!

With love (and excitement at being back!),
Rhi :) xx

PS. Solid effort to anyone who read all of that. You guys rock!